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In her 5 year career 10 albums got released. She also sang in plays and movies. She sang to Bappi Lahiri’s tuned and composed Hindi song. In the end her 10th album was released called “Moner Na Bola Kotha” in Ayub Bacchu’s tune and composition.

Five years ago her journey started with album “Moner Chotto Ghore”

Tenth album “Moner Na Bola Kotha” got released. What is the experience this time?

It feels really good. I am continuously learning, trying to perfect classical. I started my journey with music director Mannan Mohammad. Gradually I earned the experience of working with Rajesh, S. I. Tutul , Ayub Bacchu. In between I sang to the tune of renowned music director of subcontinent Bappi Lahiri. Working with different music director I got the opportunity to learn a lot.

Tell us something about “Moner Na Bola Kotha” in Ayub Bacchu’s tune and music.

Every song of this album really matches with the title. Whatever I could not say or do in previous nine albums, it was possible here. Ten songs are of ten different touches. It is a matter of luck to sing to Ayub Bacchu’s tune and music. I am his fan since childhood. Working on my album was a challenge for Bacchi Bhai. He created something new selflessly. In this album fans of every type of music will find a new Eva.

Which song of the album you liked most?

In this album Bacchu Bhai gave an amazing tune. With soft background music he composed a song titled ‘Bangladesh’. The lyric of the song is ‘মাগো যুগে যুগে এই মাটির বুকে কতো রাত জেগে হয় ভোর’. The song was added in the end of documentary on Freedom Fighting directed by ATN Bangla’s Chairman. The strange thing is, the war took place in 1971. In spite of that the song blended really well with documentary in 2009.

When you started five years ago, did you think back then that tenth album will come out?

At the beginning I had no confidence. I started learning to sing since I was 5/6 years old. Did not have practice for long time. After marriage inspired by my husband ATN Chairman Dr. Mahfujur Rahman I started again; had to digest many criticisms on this. Then I took up a challenge inside. Slowly started to build myself up. The more people criticize the more I express my confidence. Now many praise my singing.

Most of the critics raise questions about your singing talent. How confident are you about yourself?

Only because I have talent it’s slowly getting expressed. If it was possible to be an artist or sing without talent then every channel owners’ wives would become artists. Since the very start severe criticisms about me have been taking place. If they listen to my tenth album then all of their criticisms will stop. I did not become an artist out of hobby. And I do not want to be an artist by competing. I sing for self satisfaction.

What sort of criticisms do you hear more?

Strange criticisms have been done about me. Why I sing with saree on, why I am not wearing modern dresses, why my songs are not telecasted in any channel except ATN, etc. Perhaps the critics do not that everything is done according to my liking.

But they do show you more in ATN.

But now you can see me less. In fact every artist’s channel is ATN. If they show me a lot then I call up and shut the transmission.

Out of ten albums in which album you were satisfied singing?

To be honest full pleasure does not come from any album. It feels like a mistake remained.

Your album “Ishq Diwana” with Bappi Lahiri’s tune and music became popular. You even sang with him on same stage. What is your feeling?

Most probably Allah is really pleased with me. I got many things without even asking. He is a human being of big quality. I was not able to sing infront of him. During recoding in Kolkata he gave me strength by saying, just imagine that everyone is family member, you are singing in the drawing room. Then I started singing comfortably.

In a year two of your solo albums come out. Is there a reason behind it?

My albums come out centered around two eids. With songs of my solo album one hour program is telecasted in two eids. The sponsor money for this program was raised to maximum of 55 lakh. And my fans look forward to these programs in two eids.

What are the albums coming out ahead?

A solo album is getting worked on with Rajesh’s tune. Moreover in Ayub Bacchu’s tune two more solo albums will come. Bacchu Bhai is taking time and working on something different.

Who do you listen to in Bangladesh?

Songs of Runa Laila, Sabina Yasmin and Samina Chowdhury are always played at my home. Sabina apa has such a voice that it does not require music. Besides that I listen to Shubir Nandi, Andrew Kishor and Lucky Akhondo.

A lot of change can be heard in your voice now. How is it possible?

This change first comes in Rajesh’s tune. Then more change comes in tunes S. I. Tutul and Ayub Bacchu. Besides I am learning something new from Ostaad Shamsul Huda. So fans will get some more improvements.

For every album you have a music video. Are you doing this by plan?

Every solo album of mine has DVD. The work on DVD is done according to my plans. Like Moner Kotha Na Bola, Ishq Diwana, Moner Tulite Aki, Montori, all these DVDs were under my plan. I enjoy doing this work.

Are you doing anything else besides singing?

I am working as a producer in ATN Bangla. I direct programs on special days. I produced a play called “Halkhata” on Boishakh. A series program on Kazi Nazrul is run on ATN. I am enjoying these works.


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